FAQ's about Tables for 8

What is Tables for 8? 

Tables for Eight is a wonderful opportunity to build a sense of community among members and friends of Sierra Vista United Methodist Church, plus it's a great way to meet someone you've never met before! 

How does it work? 

When you sign up, you will be placed in a table group. Each month for a period of four months, a group of 8 adults meet for a meal, fellowship and sparkling conversation! The meal can be in someone's home or at a restaurant. Hosts, two at a time, for the monthly gathering will rotate amongst the group members. Hosts will coordinate the meal - if you are meeting in a host's home, the host will let you know what to bring, plus all other details regarding the gathering. If the hosts for a particular month choose to meet in a restaurant, they will make arrangements with the restaurant to accommodate the group. In a restaurant setting, each group member will be responsible for the expense of his or her own meal and beverages. 

How long do we meet? 

The length of each gathering typically lasts an hour or two. 

What about children? 

It may be that there are children in the host’s home; what a blessing! Certainly, as a group, you can explore the possibility if/when/how to include any children. It also might be possible for the church to provide childcare - we would need to coordinate this well in advance. 

When will it start?

The goal will be to have all registrations back by mid-October and begin meeting in November 2023.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below. If you have questions about this opportunity, please contact Susan Gober. This could certainly be an experience of blessing as we seek to find ways to connect members across Sierra Vista and find our way in deeper relationship with one another as sisters and brothers in Christ.

Register by filling out the form below: