Project Dignidad

Project Dignidad is an ecumenical ministry providing food and clothing to individuals and families in emergency situations since 1976.

Ways you can participate:

  • Bring non-perishable food items and leave in designated place in Narthex.  These items will be collected on a regular basis and taken to Project Dignidad. 
  • At Thanksgiving and Easter the congregation is invited to fill up baskets with items on a provided grocery list. As well as to donate money toward the purchase of hams or turkeys.
  • Participate with financial gifts to the Shoe Voucher program.  School children are given $50 vouchers at the beginning and middle of the school year for use at a local shoe store.  
  • Be part of the Project Dignidad ministry team. Responsibilities include helping transport food and baskets to Project Dignidad; communicating needs of Project Dignidad to the congregation; developing creative ways to engage the congregation in providing food for food insecure families served by Project Dignidad 

Contact:  Pastor Tamara Strehli,