Honduras Mission

SVUMC Honduras Mission Team supports the ongoing work of Honduras Outreach International (HOI) in the  the Agalta Valley of Honduras.  

For the past 30 years HOI has been instrumental in fostering long term, sustainable transformation in this area of Honduras by focusing on 6 areas:  Agricultural training, Community Development, Education, Medical Care, and Spiritual Development.  HOI is empowering communities and enabling them to become healthier and self-sufficient.  To learn more about HOI click here: https://hoi.org/discover-hoi/

For more information, contact Sandy Harris,  church office, office@sierravista.org or 325/944-4041

"Though we go as a mission team to Honduras to help those less fortunate, my heart is always warmed when we are greeted by people  with so little, and yet they are so happy and content with what they have.  We always leave with more then what we gave.”  --- SVUMC Honduras Team Member