Giving is important, but why Sierra Vista?

Giving may be important but why give to Sierra Vista? God continues to do some amazing things through Sierra Vista! Our vision is clear – to grow a community that reflects Christ through LOVE, FAITH, and SERVICE.

Our purpose is clear - to follow Jesus through 1) reaching out to others, 2) worshiping passionately, 3) developing our faith intentionally, 4) serving others, and 5) giving extravagantly.

our impact is clear

Through a renewed attention to their spiritual lives, people are having a greater impact in their schools, workplaces, and communities. In essence, at Sierra Vista, we are changing the world - one person and family at a time!

  • Inspiring & Passionate Worship

    Our worship continues to inspire people who believed that church was irrelevant and they are encountering God in new ways. We have even added another and very unique worship opportunity for people seeking an alternative style of worship on Sunday mornings.

    Through communal worship and prayer, people at Sierra Vista are finding peace in a hectic life through a renewed connection with God.

  • Intentional faith development

    The people involved in small groups of Bible study, fellowship and Sunday School are finding a sense of belonging, asking questions about their faith, and finding the support they need in difficult times.

  • risk taking missions and service

    Through our commitment to service, people at Sierra Vista are showing that church is much more than one hour on Sunday mornings and

    we are changing lives, impacting our community, and changing our world – right where we live.

  • large investment in Children and Youth

    Did you know that each year Sierra Vista invests over $250,000 in our children and youth? Between the Children's Development Center, our Children's Ministry, and our Youth Ministry, we support our children and their families in ways that will impact them for generations to come. This amount does not include the amount invested in buildings and facilities or salaries for teachers or the Director of CDC, but does include utilities, maintenance and day to day costs.