Moving towards tithing

The Bible teaches us to give a tithe or the first ten percent of what we earn to God and the church’s work. For some, this is a very difficult goal and for others their giving exceeds this. What’s important is that you start somewhere, that your giving be in proportion to your income, and that your giving expresses your desire to serve God and invest in God’s work. Each year we hope you will increase the proportion of your income you give back to God, no matter what the percentage might be. Why do I fill out an Estimate of Giving form and what happens if my financial situation changes? We invite you to offer an estimate of giving for the upcoming year. 

To be clear, it is very important that every family who considers Sierra Vista their church community completes and returns an estimate of giving form. The process of discussing and praying about how much we will give helps us to be intentional with our financial offerings. Serving God through giving is an act of worship and the commitment helps us to think intentionally about our gifts. These commitments allow our church to better plan our ministries, goals and mission outreach. If your financial situation changes, you can always increase or decrease your commitment by contacting our church office.