This next year Sierra Vista hopes to:

  • Find ways to invite and embrace more people in our weekly worship, growing our weekly worship attendance by at least 10%. 
  • Take greater steps in the generosity of our church congregation. While we must thank God for the generosity of our congregation, we believe that God is challenging us to greater and greater opportunities. 
  • Extend and increase our commitment to service locally by regularly promoting the various ongoing outreach opportunities in which our church participates. Specifically, we will hire an Outreach Intern who will help coordinate and target younger families to become actively involved in supporting these existing outreach ministries. 
  • Extend our commitment to service everywhere by increasing the number of people engaged in risk- taking service – things such as our youth mission trips, hosting a family mission trip, and working towards another international mission trip. 
  • Increase participation in our ministries for children and teens. One focus for each of these ministries will be to increase the number of adult volunteers and the involvement of whole families. We will offer more regular and engaging opportunities for connection that seek to reach, connect, and ground students and their families in their own journeys with Christ. 
  • Increase participation in faith formation opportunities by increasing the number of Gatherings offered and creating a clear pathway for people to follow. Our Gatherings include long-term Bible studies and short-term opportunities for growth. We will also take the next steps of incorporating a Discipleship Process so all involved can grow in their ability to fully follow Christ.