Our history

We have a storied past.

Sierra Vista United Methodist Church has roots back to the Methodist Protestant Church, organized in San Angelo in 1904 by the Rev. A. Lowe. Twelve couples and two young persons were charter members. This congregation met in a vacant house on East Harris street until 1905, when a small white frame building was erected on the corner of North Chadbourne and Eleventh Street. The first church built north of the railroad, the Methodist Protestant Church hosted socials, singings and wedding and became the gathering place for young people.


Following approval of unification by the General Conferences of the Methodist Protestant Church, Methodist Episcopal Church and Methodist Episcopal South in 1939, the Methodist Protestant Church in San Angelo became Bethel Methodist Church. Following unification, Bethel Methodist gave birth to two other congregations. The process of unification had been difficult for many of the congregation. In 1944, several members who had opposed unification withdrew and established the "Independent Methodist Protestant Church" and built a new building in South San Angelo. Rev. H.B. Day, the first minister from the Methodist Episcopal South to serve Bethel as pastor, was called to establish a new church in east San Angelo. This church was named Day Memorial and remains active to this day.


Due to the close proximity of other Methodist Churches in San Angelo, Bethel was urged to move to another area of town. The decision to move was hampered by World War II. In 1947, Rev. Ben H. Bohmfalk was sent to Bethel. Under his pastorate the church purchased two lots on the corner of Madison and Shiloh Streets in West San Angelo. Construction on the new church began in December 1949. On February 5, 1950 the congregation of Bethel Methodist Church voted to change their name to Angelo Heights Methodist Church. The Bethel Church building was sold and moved. The congregation met in a vacant store on Chadbourne Street until the new Education building was completed.


The first service was held at Angelo Heights on March 12, 1950 in the new Fellowship Hall. The fellowship hall was to be used as the Sanctuary for the next five years. During the next 25 years, the congregation of Angelo Heights was a viable, active congregation. The WSCS Mexican Supper begun Feb. 11, 1949 at Bethel continued to be a tradition throughout the years at Angelo Heights and during the first years of Sierra Vista.

With the proposed construction of the East West throughway, the congregation of Angelo Heights faced yet another decision. Once again this congregation would move to a new location. In 1973, the congregation of Angelo Heights purchased a lot of land in Southwest San Angelo. At that time College Hills stopped at Loop 306 (a country road) and the property could only be accessed from Fall Creek.


In 1975, the congregation of Angelo Heights became the congregation known as Sierra Vista United Methodist Church. Rev. Jim Carter was pastor during this time. The first worship service was held August 7, 1975. Sierra Vista continues to be an active, mission oriented church in San Angelo. The rich heritage of Sierra Vista is marked by the strong faith of the ancestors of this congregation in providing many years of ministry in the midst of transition.