Committee Work

In January, 2018, Sierra Vista UMC appointed a nine-person Building Committee. The purpose of this committee is to respond to the needs of the congregation as identified by a Holy Conversations Team. This first team spent six (6) months in discernment and discussion with representatives from the Texas Methodist Foundation regarding what God is calling Sierra Vista to be and do in the near and distant future. These Holy Conversations resulted in two distinct but unrelated callings for Sierra Vista UMC:

  • To grow as a faith community in every way we can
  • To help children and youth throughout the City of San Angelo to thrive in every way they can

The resulting Building Committee is now pleased to share a tentative, preliminary copy of the conceptual plan for the expansion of Church facilities. This rendering is the result of six (6) months of Building Committee meetings, much prayer, and a great deal of discernment regarding the call that the Holy Conversations Team felt was being offered to Sierra Vista.

The process still has many steps to go, but everyone is invited and encouraged to stay informed as progress is made. All future announcements, meeting minutes, and major developments will be available on this link. For any questions or feedback, please contact Building Committee members or call the Church Office at 325/944-4041.

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Building Committee Members

Please be in prayer for the members of the Building Committee:

Steve Van Hoozer, Chair

Cell no.: 325-650-0986

Yvonne Bell

David Lupton

Tracy McIver

Mike Meyer

Pat Moreland

Gena Muehlstein

Rick Stinnett

David White

Stan Whites


Building Committee Minutes

All minutes from all Building Committee meetings, as well as all meetings of the Holy Conversations Team, are available for review in the Church Office.

Current minutes from the Building Committee meetings can be found below:

January 25, 2021 Meeting
January 11, 2021 Meeting

December 15, 2020 Meeting

December 01, 2020 Meeting

November 16, 2020 Meeting

November 02, 2020 Meeting

October 19, 2020 Meeting

October 05, 2020 Meeting

September 15, 2020 Meeting

August 24, 2020 Meeting

August 10, 2020 Meeting

July 27, 2020 Meeting

July 13, 2020 Meeting

June 29, 2020 Meeting

June 15, 2020 Meeting

May 27, 2020 Meeting
April 27, 2020 Meeting
March 9, 2020 Meeting
February 2, 2020 Meeting
January 27, 2020 Meeting
January 13, 2020 Meeting
December 16, 2019 Meeting
November 18, 2019 Meeting
November 4, 2019 Meeting
September 23, 2019 Meeting
August 26, 2019 Meeting
June 11, 2019 Meeting
May 6, 2019 Meeting
November 19, 2018 Meeting
October 8, 2018 Meeting
September 24, 2018 Meeting
September 17, 2018 Meeting
August 27, 2018 Meeting
August 13, 2018 Meeting
August 6, 2018 Meeting
June 4, 2018 Meeting