A Time for Families with Special Needs 

Every second Sunday of each month, parents and families of those with special needs are invited to a time for support and fellowship. They meet in Room N-1 (the quilting room) during the Sunday school hour, 9:45-10:45 a.m. If special care is needed for your children, please call 325/944-4041 so that arrangements can be made. All are welcome! 

“Shush-Free” Worship 

On the fourth Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m., families and caregivers of those with special needs are invited to devotional and fellowship time in the Chapel Hall. This time together will be appropriate for individuals of all ages and developmental abilities. There will be extra help on hand for those families who may need extra care. This time together is specifically directed toward all who are interested in a “shush-free worship experience.”

This worship service is adapted to be engaging, yet meaningful for all who participate and will enable people of all abilities to take the first steps into a faith community. Worshipers will enjoy lots of music and joyous singing; brief, concrete and understandable messages; and plenty of opportunities to participate, lead, serve, and build relationships with people in similar and different situations. The most important element is that worship is “shush-free”: People can be themselves without being told to be quiet. The worship service is also followed by a brief fellowship time.

We are partnering with Mosaic and their Rejoicing Spirits worship model to provide our congregation with the opportunity to become more aware and accepting of people of all abilities